Works in Progress

“Cinema and the Object World of Modernity.”

A monograph in preparation that examines how the postwar process of modernization makes itself visible through the distribution of objects onscreen in the films of the 1960s and 1970s.


SSHRC Partnership Grant 2018-2026.

A series of essays on the history and films of the Winnipeg Film Group, an ongoing digitization project, a collaboration with an artist-in-residence, and a series of curated screenings.

Distributed Networks: Media Archaeologies of Educational Television and Communication Studies in Canada 1945-75.

SSHRC Insight Grant 2021-26.

A series of essays on the history of educational television in Canadian classroom, focusing specifically on the representation of the post-secondary institution as a modern, networked, and electronic pedagogical space and on the circulation of educational content between universities, public broadcaster, and the viewing public.